Date Night Ideas

Although you’re not able to physically enjoy each other’s company, you are able to enjoy some special things together thanks to technology like Skype.

Some ideas are…

• Game night. You could play online board games together, or even something as simple as charades.

• Movie night. You can both watch the same movies at the same time and perhaps both eat the same snacks together. If only one of you has the film, you can use the share screen option, otherwise both press play on the count of 3 and leave comments in I.M.s.

• Series night. You could record your favourite series and watch them together if there’s a time difference or they broadcast at different times. Assign a specific snack to a specific series, for example, Downton Abbey is chocolate and wine and Suits is jellybeans.

• You could also cook together. Decide on a dish, draw up a shopping list together, and then meet over Skype in the kitchen. You can teach each other dishes or experiment together with new ones. You can do the same with baking.

• For a special night you may try tasting wine, chocolate, or cheese. Decide on the ones you want to test and taste them together. It’s a great way to find out about your partner’s tastes and preferences.


One thought on “Date Night Ideas

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