The Big Move


When you and your partner finally have the opportunity to move and be together and once you have everything arranged and ready on the other side, your biggest task is going to be the actual move and deciding what will move with you.

Set aside the things you will be taking, do a trial pack, and weigh your suitcase. The costs for having an overweight suitcase are far more than the costs to courier something over. A great way to get some extra things in, is one of those 4-wheel hand-luggage suitcases. It also saves your neck the strain of a backpack or your shoulder the strain of pulling a suitcase. Remember you don’t need to pack for the weather you’ll only be experiencing in 6 months. It’s also better to pack those things which are expensive and one-of-a-kind – coats, boots, handbags. You can buy T-shirts and jeans anywhere.


Look at your courier options before you leave and pack the boxes you will want couriered over before you leave. Your things can be shipped, flown over, or sent as excess baggage, which you simply pick up at your destination airport.

When You’re There

Organise the things you need to sort out when you arrive by priority. Ensure that everything is in order with the foreign office, your bank account, health insurance, enrolment, rent, etc. It’s better to set up debit transfers for your bills. You don’t want to be stranded without health insurance or heating. Be certain of all the costs entailed or in addition to your rent – heating, water, electricity, insurance. If you’re on specific medication which isn’t sold in the country, find out the equivalents. If you’re able to, you might consider converting your driver’s license ASAP before a law changes and you need to do another exam!